Join us in restoring the Historic Skyline Theatre to its former glory!

The idea of restoring the historic Skyline Theatre sparked when the community started talking about building a brand new theater about 4 years ago. It was after Pinedale Entertainment Center closed. I had read an article about a theater restoration in Tahoe. The light bulb went off!

Why build a new one, if we could restore the old one?

I called the property owner and toured the building. It was as close to finding buried treasure, as I will ever get! I got so excited!! The original ceiling was intact, the footprint virtually the same. The two old projectors were still sitting in the projection booths, the original popcorn maker was there, with cups and napkins, old films, signs, and various memorabilia was shelved. Some original seats were left, and the property owner had the metal cut-outs that were back-light with the shapes of outdoor scenes. There was even an old post, with kids initials carved into it from who knows when? How could we not share this with the community!

We are having a blast connecting with the community, hearing amazing stories from the old days, digging up old photo’s and posters. We love hearing from you and your excitement about restoring this community gem!

So don’t be shy! Come along with us on this amazing journey to rediscover the past and restore our future!

We are looking for the community to support the Skyline by donating, volunteering, and sharing stories