The idea from the beginning was for the Theatre to be a multi-entertainment facility. This was for a couple of reasons. First, the intention was for this to be a community project to involve the public and engage the many organizations present in Sublette County,  and host a variety of events. Second, the licensing for first run films is restrictive and it becomes difficult to cash-flow in a theater with one auditorium and a small population. Third, a variety of programming keeps the theater exciting and customers wanting to come back, and gives us an opportunity to partner with other organizations to provide programs.

Anticipated programming includes:

  • Second Run Films (the window between when a film is a 1st run and comes out on DVD)
  • Independent and Foreign Films
  • Old films (after films have been released on DVD)
  • Small Performances (small stage, there is no backstage area for large plays)
  • Live Music
  • Speakers
  • Group Gaming 
  • Live Televised Events
  • Film Festivals
  • Venue Rental
  • Recording Studio